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The Mizner’s Dream  was commissioned by the Boca Raton Hotel to ferry guests across the lake to the newly built Beach Club.

“…The seven minute run offering a novel alternative of travel in between the hotels for beach recreation and dining.”

She was purchased in 2012 and lovingly restored by Marina One to continue to bring unique enjoyment to locals and visitors in style as a private yacht charter.

Now, the Mizner’s Dream lives on in her exciting new home in Miami Beach. 

Tourists and locals alike can experience her unique charm while taking in the sights and history of the Miami bays and waterways. 

gondolier in traditional dress guiding a gondola

“He dreamed of making [Boca Raton] the new Venice with a Grand Canal, Byzantine palaces and even gondolas down the center of Camino Real.”

Caroline Seebohm  – on Addison Mizner

The Mizner’s Dream was named after the famous architect Addison Mizner who had the vision of a gondola style boat shuttling guests of the Boca Hotel to and from the beach. The Mizner’s Dream came on the scene with the building of the Beach Club in the late 70s and had served as the flagship for the Boca Hotel carrying over a million (including famous) passengers throughout its service. 

Over the decades the Boca Raton Resort and Club has attracted, presidents, royalty, and celebrities like George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Elton John and Robert Redford.

Black and white photo portrait of Addison Mizner